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    Trading in our Pots & Pans for Jackhammers

    Day three of the closure is in the books, and tons of work has been already been done.  Even though you can’t see much from the outside, we assure you that big changes are taking place inside and that we are right on schedule.

    Demolition has been completed and the new walls are going back up.  The first walk-in cooler has been replaced and the second one is underway.  The new floor tiles will be starting soon, and finishes won’t be far behind that.

    Be sure to stop by to check out the new digs starting August 3rd.  We can’t wait to see you guys again!

    Lots of action happening behind that scaffolding!

    Beefing up the structural steel so we can serve you for another 30 years.

    Yes, there used to be a walk-in and a wall there.

    Be sure to check back here for more pictures and updates.

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