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    Watch Chef Prepare his Signature dishes on the The Chef Luciano Youtube Channel.

    ABC 7’s Hungry Hound

    Gupta’s range is impressive. There’s roasted chicken – crisp and moist – it comes with yellow rice and red beans and can easily feed two. His Italian influences come through in an assortment of pasta dishes with veggies and shrimp. You choose from three sauces. There’s also extra-crispy calamari with zesty cocktail sauce. He’s also a huge fan of fresh seafood, which ranges from salmon salad to a sharable feast.

    Chicago Tribune Cheap Eats

    Jerk chicken, roasted chicken piri piri (seasoned with the African pepper), grilled catfish and grilled tilapia are fresh-tasting, aromatic and much more than anyone could finish in one sitting. The hard-to-find specialty of sauteed chicken liver dinner is delicious. Vegetarian standouts include fried plantains in jerk sauce, stir-fried mustard greens, black beans and rice and a hearty, spicy mix of vegetables, potatoes and rice.

    Historic Preservation of our Building

    In 2010, we undertook a renovation to restore our building to it’s original 1929 condition (Note, I would like to link to a picture of the 1929 building here, but I need this hosted on the site somewhere) as one of the first White Castles in Chicago. Chef Luciano was honored with a Preservation Excellence Award by the City of Chicago and was named a Chicago Landmark.